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High pressure oil pipelines

A network of high-pressure oil pipelines used to transport flammable liquids (products) underground has been constructed through most regions of the UK. If a significant breach occurs, between 30,000 and 2 million litres of product could be ejected over a 30-minute period, causing a significant public safety or environmental disaster. Smaller breaches particularly those caused by illegal incursions if undetected can also result in the loss of many thousands of litres of fuel. Further details on planning for and responding to such a breach can be found in  Hazard Pipeline failure Utilities and Fuel National Operational Guidance.

Other pipelines transporting liquids, such as brine, exist in the UK too, these may pose a risk to the environment. For more information see The foundation for hazardous materials.

High-pressure gas pipelines usually pose only a limited risk to the environment.