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Pollutant Categories

There is a very wide range of potential water pollutants which can be group into range of categories. See table below.

Categories of water pollutants

Acids and alkalis
Anions for example sulphide, sulphite, cyanide
Domestic and industrial sewage effluent and sludge
Farm effluents, slurries and manures
Food and beverages including processing wastes and animal feeds
Firefighting foams and additives, for example flurochemicals
Gases taken into solution in water such as chlorine, ammonia
Leachate or digestate, this may be from landfill or anaerobic digestion plants
Metals such as. cadmium, zinc or lead
Nutrients especially phosphates and nitrates
Oil, mineral and vegetable, and oil dispersants
Organic chemicals for example formaldehydes, phenols
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other persistent substances
Suspended solids such as silts and sands