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Documentation of radioactive materials

ADR does not require that a transport document (consignment note) be prepared by the consignor and accompany the package when it is transported, but in practice it usually is. If the package is to be transported by more than one mode of transport, it is accepted practice for a single transport document to be provided; for example, in the case of a package travelling by road to the airport, thence by air, the document provided would be the airline’s shippers’ declaration for dangerous goods.

The transport document must include a signed declaration by the consignor and specified information relating to the package, including the UN number and proper shipping name assigned to the material. In addition, the consignor must provide the carrier with a written statement of any additional actions required of the carrier, such as any supplementary operational requirements relating to the loading, stowage, transport or handling, and any emergency actions appropriate to the consignment. Where no such supplementary operational requirements are necessary, a written statement to this effect must be provided to the carrier.

ADR requires that all transport documents are provided for excepted packages, and specifies that the information be provided in respect of each package.

The information contained in the documentation will give details such as:

  • Name and address of the consignor
  • Contact telephone number
  • Name of material(s) being carried
  • Description of materials
  • Activity of material
  • Package category
  • Transport index

Other warning signs to be displayed

In the UK, unless the vehicle is carrying only excepted packages, it must also display either:

  • A fireproof notice (a stamped metal plate) in the vehicle cab that it is plainly visible to the driver
  • Rectangular, reflective, orange-coloured plates at the front and rear of the vehicle

The fireproof notice or orange-coloured plates must be removed or covered when the vehicle is not carrying radioactive consignments.

Image 124 Fire proof notice